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International Degree Programmes

Bordeaux Montaigne University participates in 11 double diplomas:

And 2 delocalized licenses with:

How to apply to a Double Diploma?

You are a student enrolled in one of the 9 universities above and wishing to participate in the associated Double-Diploma:

Admission procedure

By 15 May at the latest

The partner university sends the list of candidates and their e-mail addresses to the International Relations Department

 Between 15 and 20 May

The IRO sends the lists of candidates to the Direction de la Scolarité, the UFR and the coordinating teacher for information

Before 20 May

The DRI sends the selected candidates an e-mail inviting them to complete Move On and the registration procedure "subject to presentation of the required diploma".

 Before 31 May

The student completes the Move On application form and provides the necessary documents (photo, ID, health insurance, proof of enrolment in the partner institution)


 If the application is complete, the official letter "Subject to meeting the registration conditions" is sent. The DRI takes charge of the housing application with the CROUS. The student completes the formalities related to the housing application with CROUS

End of June

The student submits his/her VISA application

End of August - beginning of September

Administrative registration - The student completes the administrative registration with the Direction de la Scolarité. Verification of the diploma.
The student does not have to pay the CVEC.


Start of courses

Contact: For any question concerning the registration of Double Degree students: studentmobility @ (studentmobility @

What is called International Partnership Diploma (Diplôme en Partenariat International) are known as, pursuant the decree 2005-450 from May 11th, 2005, Double Diplomas and Joint Diplomas.

  • What is a Joint Degree? As soon as the joint accreditation is established for the issuance of a single diploma, and bears the signature of all presidents and/or directors of the cosigning institutions for the specific convention, one diploma only is delivered to the student in the home university.
  • What is a Double Degree? Every institution issues its own diploma and the student registered to this course receives those diplomas. The setting up of a double degree mandatorily goes through the same procedure as in the first case.
  • What is a Delocalized Degree? Students registered in their home country attend classes on the spot, taught by teachers from the coordinating institution via digital tools (online platforms, distance learning, videoconfrerencing) until the diploma delivery by the same coordinating institution.