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Student life


The International Relations office has created a Bordeaux students’ association to support and guide you, called “Bienvenue à la Bordelaise - Association d'Ouverture Culturelle”, or BABAOC. Through your contact with the association, you can benefit from a tandem scheme with one of the mentoring students. You will have a richer experience of French culture, and insight into way of life à la française.

BABAOC also organises many activities throughout the academic year, including parties, wine tasting, and cultural and touristic outings.

Our Students – Key Players in University Life

The university boasts some 47 student associations, organising activities for their members ranging from culture to sport, in association with their academic studies or encouraging community involvement. Student unions and federations are also part of this rich panorama, bearing eloquent witness to just how committed our students are to playing their role both in life at the University and within the wider community. The university provides financial support for student initiatives and each year a number of creative and innovative projects come into being.

Student associations list

Infrastructure and Resources for Student Life at the University and within the Community

Quality of student life lies at the heart of our concerns and a number of specific areas within the University have been designated to this purpose.

The Maison des Etudiants is a place where students can meet, eat, chat and enjoy a range of activities in the dedicated work and relaxation areas, including an 80-seat auditorium. As a venue whose aim it is to encourage a spirit of openness and exploration, the MDE functions as an interface between life going on within the university and the city at large.