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French higher education system (LMD)
A Wide Range of Courses, from the Time-Honoured to the Cutting-Edge

  Bac +8 D D3 D2 D1 300 240 Bac +5 M M2 Semestre 3 M1 Semestre 1 180 120 Bac +3 L L3 Semestre 5 L2 DUT S4 Semestre 3 60 Semestre 1 crédits ECTS Baccalauréat Ou titre admis en dispense ou Diplôme d'accès aux Études Universitaires (DAEU) Doctorat Master Semestre 4 Semestre 2 Licence Licence professionnelle Semestre 6 Semestre 6 Semestre 4 Semestre 5 BTS DEUST BTS 2 S4 S3 S3 BTS 1 S2 S2 Semestre 2 L1 S1 S1

Source: French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Please find explanations below for the terms used in the above diagram:

  • Bac: French baccalaureate examination taken at the end of secondary education, giving access to higher university education.
  • BTS: National Diploma of French higher education
  • Crédits ECTS: ECTS credits
  • DAEU: diploma from a French university, in order to have an equivalence of the French baccalaureate giving access to university studies
  • DEUST: university technical diploma in science
  • Doctorat: the Doctorate degree
  • DUT: technology diploma
  • Licence professionnelle: vocational undergraduate degree
  • Licence: undergraduate degree
  • Master: the Master’s degree
  • Semestre 1: Semester 1
  • Semestre 2: Semester 2
  • Semestre 3: Semester 3 (or first semester of second year of study)
  • Semestre 4: Semester 4 (or second semester of second year of study)
  • Semestre 5: Semester 5 (or first semester of third year of study)
  • Semestre 6: Semester 6 (or second semester of third year of study)
  • titre admis en dispense: equivalent accepted qualification