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Sport at Bordeaux Montaigne University


The department for sports and physical activities, known as the DAPS, offers students and staff a choice of 55 sporting, physical and creative activities.

University facilities include a 50m Olympic swimming pool, a football ground with four AstroTurf football pitches, and a sports hall with a large indoor area, three squash courts, a climbing wall, a multipurpose gymnasium, and a weights room.

Many different ways to practice your sport…

…as part of the AFP (Sport) Framework

AFP is the “Action de Formation Personnelle” framework whereby students can gain credit points by completing other taught units in sports, academic disciplines etc.

The “Action de Formation Personnelle” (AFP) framework allows students to gain credit points to support their studies. Students of the university can choose to include their practice of a sport or artistic activity as part of their course of studies, in order to gain specific competencies linked to this type of investment.

…as independent practice

Students have access to physical and sporting activities that are supervised by teachers (these activities are non-evaluated). Students can also practice independently with the PASS card for swimming, tennis and squash, and the weight-training card.

…as part of a high performance or competition squad

The university takes a customised approach to students who compete in sports at a high level, and endeavours to take action that fosters the academic and sporting success of such students.

The sports association at Bordeaux Montaigne University encourages high sporting performance and participation in competitions. By developing and promoting the expression of sporting competence, students are encouraged to gain awareness of the different roles and duties within sports.