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International policy

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Embracing the international dimension of education and research has long been an important feature of the university’s activities.

Bordeaux Montaigne University's international strategy is centered on the consolidation of special and lasting institutional partnerships around the world.

It entails increasing mobility for teachers, developing a multilingual program offer, and encouraging mobility for administrative staff in order to develop the internationalization of the various departments that make up the institution. It increases international mobility for students, not only helping them improve their transversal skills – academic, linguistic and intercultural – but also guaranteeing better access to the job market in France and abroad.

Bordeaux Montaigne University is committed to taking an active part in building the European and global space for higher education and research by articulating its international policy around priority areas:



Bordeaux Montaigne University participates in 11 double degree programs:

And 2 delocalized licenses with:


Every year, more students travel during their curriculum thanks to mobility partnerships with international institutions, either in Europe or overseas, and come across new teaching methods, improve their international profile, acquire additional linguistic skills and develop a capacity to adapt to intercultural environments.  

Student mobility can be carried out from the second year of their Bachelor's, during their Master or their Doctorate. However, it is important to note that only one mobility period abroad is authorized per study cycle.

International mobility also concerns the institution staff:

  • Teachers, for an educational/research mobility (invited teachers, teachers in mobility via the Erasmus Staff Teaching Assignment (STA) program)
  • Administrative staff, for a training mobility


During the 17th general assembly of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie which took place in Marrakech in May 2017, Hélène Velasco-Graciet was elected as a Board Member. As part of this new 4 years mandate, Bordeaux Montaigne University’s President is committed to working towards a New Francophone University Space:

«La Francophonie bears values to which our community is deeply attached, […] today it goes together with multilingualism and cultural diversity and constructs a space where new work methods and ways to exchange men and women, knowledge and goods are invented. Encouraging and supporting the study of French abroad is promoting student mobility, for students we welcome from the French-speaking world as well as for students who leave Bordeaux Montaigne to discover the whole wide world. Thus we take part in the construction of a world where difference is a wealth.”

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