Delocalized Bachelor Degree in Galatasaray (Turkey) - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Delocalized Licence in the Communication department of the French-Speaking University Galatasaray of Istanbul (Turkey)


Since September 2012, Bordeaux Montaigne University has been delocalizing its degree in Information and Communication to Galatasaray University. This is one of its most visible actions within the framework of the consortium supporting this Turkish public university supported by the French State since 1992.


The main objective of the ISIC Department's Licence in Information and Communication that Bordeaux Montaigne University offers is to give students already enrolled in the Faculty of Communication at Galatasaray University the opportunity to benefit from a double course at the end of which they obtain, in addition to their university's licence, that of Bordeaux Montaigne University. The delocalized license allows you to access the resources of Bordeaux Montaigne University, to feel part of the community of this university and to obtain a French diploma while being at home. But the delocalized bachelor's degree opens the door more broadly to a process that can lead students engaged in this course to pursue studies in master's and doctorate degrees in communication.


On the basis of an overall compatibility between ISIC's training offer and that of the Faculty of Communication of Galatasaray University, a correlation table of courses is established. The teaching is therefore largely made up of the courses provided by the Galatasaray teaching team, and the validation of these courses by the student enrolled in a double course in Bordeaux Montaigne automatically leads to the validation of the teaching equivalent to ISIC. The rest of the training content is offered in a complementary system to provide, in person or remotely, the contents of the ISIC Information and Communication Licence missing from the training offer of the Galatasaray Faculty of Communication.


A derogation has been obtained so that Galatasaray students enrolled in the delocalized license can come to Bordeaux Montaigne by Erasmus. They can thus directly follow ISIC courses over a semester or a year.

Student exchanges between the two partner universities can also take place as part of short discovery stays.

Number of graduates

Since its opening, the licence has welcomed an average of 15 students each year. A 2019 review shows that 86 graduates have graduated while 27 are currently enrolled in L1 and L2.

Further studies

As Galatasaray's degree is professional, most students turn to the job market. Bordeaux Montaigne's generalist and disciplinary degree, however, gives rise to a desire to pursue further studies. Several students are therefore enrolled in ma

ster's degrees on site in Galatasaray, the USA, Canada, England and of course France.