Organisation - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2


The organisation of the university is structured around:

  • a decision making body; the Board of Directors (CA)
  • an advisory body; an academic council which can sit in plenary session, or can meet as the Commission for Teaching and University Life (CFVU), as the Committee for Research (CR), and in restricted formation for university lecturers and researchers or specific academic disciplines.

In total, the boards gather together 110 elected members, including:

  • teachers and university lecturers and researchers,
  • administrative personnel and technicians,
  • students,
  • external key figures.

University President and team

University administration is upheld by the decisions of the university president, the resolutions of the Board of Directors, as well as the propositions, views and wishes of the academic council.

Surrounding the President, a broader team made up of vice presidents, appointed-vice presidents and specific project managers, collaborates closely and shares out responsibilities according to their centres of expertise.

The Senior Management team

The Senior Management team comprises the university’s director-general, the university’s accountant and the director of financial services. They interface with the President's team, the different departments and management teams, and the different teaching and research faculties.

For further information please see:
- the organisation chart of the university,
- the last Human Resources Report,
- the university's articles of association,
- the budget, financial details and bank account details (RIB) for the university,
- the university's ordinances and regulations.