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Integrated Hambord BA/Licence
Double Degree

Two famous academic cities

« Open door to the world » and Germany's second largest city, Hamburg is a metropolis with a rich architectural and cultural heritage and an exceptional quality of life. It is involved in a vast network of international exchanges, on an economic, cultural or diplomatic level.

Bordeaux is, with its universities and numerous research institutions, the sixth largest student city in France. This dynamic city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a very pleasant living environment.

L’Universität Hamburg and its Fachbereich Geschichte just as the University of Bordeaux Montaigne and its History Department are distinguished by a rich training offer, backed by multiple partnerships of a regional, national and international nature and by excellent research institutions and projects in many fields.


The Hamburg – Bordeaux partnership

The HamBord BA/Licence History integrated curriculum is part of a long tradition of academic and scientific exchanges between Hamburg University and Bordeaux Montaigne University ; the two institutions have been linked by different types of partnerships (ERASMUS, direct student exchange, teacher exchange) for almost 60 years. Through the HamBord curriculum, the teaching teams want to continue this tradition of student and teacher-researcher exchanges between Hamburg and Bordeaux.

The HamBord curriculum has been in existence since 2015/2016. He is simultaneously preparing for two national diplomas: a Bachelor of Arts in History in Hamburg and a Licence in History in Bordeaux. The project thus contributes to strengthening the international profile of the two partner universities and is part of the process of creating a Higher Education European Area. The curriculum was supported by the University Franco-German until now. A new request for support has been made to the UFA.

Objectives of the formation

Interdisciplinarity, interculturality, encouraging mobility and adaptability to different environments are real assets that give students better opportunities to integrate the labour and training market in Europe and the world. As such, a reflection on the study and professional project accompanies students throughout the course. Students have the possibility to carry out a (non-compulsory) internship in a professional environment accredited by Bordeaux Montaigne University.

Throughout their journey, HamBord students will be trained in the historical discipline and sensitized to the scientific traditions and academic practices of both countries. The curriculum is also intended to be interdisciplinary and allows - through optional teaching and the choice of a "secondary" discipline - the acquisition of complementary skills and knowledge. The courses of the curriculum are almost all shared with the other courses of Bordeaux Montaigne University and Hamburg University.

At the end of this program, graduates will be able to use - in addition to their disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills - strong intercultural and linguistic skills, as an undeniable asset for furthering their studies and professional integration in a globalised world and an enlarged Europe.

All graduates receive a certificate from the Franco-German University (UFA/DFH, Saarbrücken), which highlights the "added value" of the double degree. The UFA awards scholarships to students in mobility, helping graduates to find employment...

Procedure of the cursus

Cursus starting for the first semester 2019/20, download this file

To find out how the curriculum works, you can download this flyer.

A shared mobility...

Starting in 2019/2020, French and German students will spend the first academic year of the course together in Hamburg, the second year and the first semester of the third year in Bordeaux. They will finish their studies with a final common semester in Hamburg.

« KNOWING OURSELVES, LEARNING TOGETHER AND LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER » are the strong principles, implemented within the framework of HamBord. The aim of the course is not to train German students in Bordeaux and French students in Hamburg, but to train real "Europeans" who feel comfortable in both countries.

The Franco-German University supports students in the course of study registered with the UFA (see the registration procedures: with a MONTHLY GRANT of 300€ for each semester in mobility. This assistance can be combined with other scholarships.

… with a support system that facilitates integration

Starting school in a foreign country is not easy. The teaching team is therefore setting up a number of measures to facilitate the integration of students in Hamburg: 

  • booking of a student room in a university residence in Hamburg for French students;
  • organization of a specific HamBord integration week to facilitate orientation;
  • possibility of taking an intensive German course in September before the start of the course in Hamburg; a language course throughout the first year (objectives: to master the German language in written and oral form, to develop writing skills in German);
  • implementation of a tutoring system: weekly meetings with a tutor student to resolve any pedagogical and administrative difficulties;
  • regular and attentive monitoring of students will be ensured by the curriculum director through weekly mentoring.
How to apply?

For applications with a German qualification: you will find information here under the heading: Bewerbung.

Candidates with other foreign qualifications (EU) may apply for admission and administrative registration at Hamburg University or at admissions.licences @


Career Opportunities

HamBord graduates have a wide range of opportunities to continue their studies at French, German, bi-national or international master's degrees.

The curriculum prepares in particular for

  • teaching and training occupations;
  • heritage, culture and cultural mediation professions ;
  • journalism and press professions.