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Request for a residence permit

Getting access to French territory:

Only nationals of the following countries are exempt from the entry and long-stay visa: Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra.

If you are not a national of one of these countries, you will need to apply for a visa to legally enter and stay in France.

You must apply for a long student visa “long stay equivalent to a VLS-TS residence permit”, and have it validated within three months of your arrival in France (the price of the tax stamp to be paid depends on your nationality)

Schengen entry stamp: When you arrive in France or in another Schengen country, make sure you have your passport stamped by the customs authorities. This stamp, which must be legible, will be proof of your date of entry into France, which is therefore essential for the rest of your immigration and integration procedures.

Please ensure that you keep your boarding pass, train ticket, or other proof of your entry into France.

For your visa application and for all the other formalities you will have to undertake in France, you will need :

  1. The certified birth certificate extract: apostilled or legalized if necessary
  2. Copy of you last diploma

If these documents are not written in French, have them translated by a sworn translator.

Once you are on French territory, your administrative registration at the university must be validated in order to apply for a residence permit, as soon as possible after your arrival.

Please note that the Guichet Unique Étudiant located at 166 cours de l'Argonne closes in December (the guichet will reopen during the month of September). The appointment booking site is suspended during this period.

Student documents must be sent directly by post to the Gironde prefecture.

There is no need to do something else, the prefecture will come back to you to examine your file.

Please note: Some students have a visa valid for a few months or a year (long stay visa equivalent to VLS-TS residence permit) and do not need a residence permit. They must have their visa validated on the site.

As soon as you arrive in France, remember to registrate with the consular authorities in your country.
If your identity papers are lost or stolen, this will simplify your procedures.