Buddy System - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Buddy System

Tandem: Bordeaux Montaigne’s buddy system

Bordeaux Montaigne’s buddy system increases the chances of successful integration for our international students by allowing them to benefit from the support of their local peers.

How does it work?

TANDEM is an online platform where international and local students from Bordeaux Montaigne University can register in order to participate in our buddy system.

When registering on the platform, students can specify their expectations and preferences. Then, as soon as the matching process is launched (i.e. the two buddies -local and international- are matched according to their length of stay, studies, expectations, languages spoken, etc.), the buddies are free to meet and begin their exchange.

This system allows the international student to benefit from customized support from their local buddy: assistance with administrative and academic procedures, acquaintance with campus life, visits to the city and information on the region, language exchange, etc.

It is up to each pair of buddies to define its own way to function.

Do you want to participate in the University’s buddy system? 

As soon as you are accepted at Bordeaux Montaigne University, you can apply to benefit from the support of a local buddy:

Apply directly on the TANDEM platform

The International Welcome Desk will be there to assist you at every step of the process. Furthermore, social and cultural events are organised throughout the academic year for students taking part in the TANDEM programme.