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Housing assistance 

Having a student status can allow you to benefit fro housing assistance allocated by the "caisse des allocations familiales" CAF of your department of residence (Gironde). This housing assistance varies depending on the type of housing you are going to occupy, depending on the amount of your rent and your resources. 

Go to the CAF website to make an online estimate. 


When you find an accommodation through an agency, you must sign the contract: pay one month's rent, one month's deposit and agency fees which may vary depending on the provider. 

Warning : Never pay anything until you have the keys and have signed your lease contract. 

  • The landlord must give you a rent receipt free of charge if you request it. 
  • In shared accommodation, each tenant can benefit from housing assistance, each must make their own request. The names of each tenant must appear on the lease agreement. 
  • Pay attention to subletting : subletting while you are the same tenant is only legal with the written authorization of the owner. Subletting without authorization may result in the termination of the lease and the amount of the rent may not exceed that of the main tenant.

Have you found an offer that interests you ? Before going to your visit, you can prepare the questions you will ask during the visit : 

  • What is the area of the accommodation ? 
  • Is it furnished ? 
  • When is it available ? 
  • It is close to the city center ? Transports ? Supermarkets ? 
  • How is the neighborhood? 
  • What are the charges ? 

Please note : The mention "all inclusive" does not always include electricity, water or heating ... 

How much is the security deposit ? How much are the agency fees ? Are there any other fees ? 

Questions that the lessor can ask you : 

  1. Are you a student ? Employee ? 
  2. If you are an employee, are you temporary ? CDD or CDI ? 
  3. Is the trial period over ? 
  4. What are your financial resources ? 
  5. Do you have a guarantor ? What is his situation like ? 

The document that the lessor is entitled to request from you : 

  • Proof of identity : Copies of passport, residence permit, identity card, etc. 
  • Proof of situation : Student cart and / or work contract 
  • Poof of address : copy of rent receipt, accommodation certificate 
  • Proof of resources : Tax notice or salary slip 
  • Caf allocation estimate 

Documents that the lessor is not entitled to request from you : 

  • Certificate of absence of debt 
  • Copy of your bank statement 
  • Extract from your criminal record 
  • Medical file 
  • A reservation checks 

Often the owner must choose among several people interested in the rental. Remember to prepare all your documents carefully before visiting the various accommodation.


The inventory is a mandatory document. It describes the accommodation room by room, the equipment and the annexes (parking, cellar, garage). It is done when entering and leaving the accommodation. 

When you leave your accommodation 
  1. Send your notice of departure according to the conditions of your contract (by registered with acknowledgment of receipt) 
  2. Cancel compulsory home insurance 
  3. Make the inventory (entry/exit) with the agency, the owner or the lessor
  4. Read the energy meters (water/gas/electricity) and terminate your contract with the suppliers
  5. Request the termination, opening or transfer of your phone and internet line 
  6. Remove your name form the mailbox 
  7. Notify administrations of charge of address : CAF, bank, Health insurance, employer, etc. 
  8. Request a change of address on your identity car ir residence permit ..