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Banks and money transfers

Bank account and budget

In France, international students can open a bank account provided they stay more than 3 months in the country.

Why do you need a bank account? 

Opening a bank account in France can be very useful. In fact, you need an account in your name in order to:

  • pay your rent, bills and subscriptions (electricity, transport, internet, etc.);
  • receive the student housing aid, social security reimbursements, and any salaries or grants.

How to open a bank account?

Choose a bank and arrange an appointment. It may be useful to ask your usual bank in your country of residence whether it is associated with a French network, which may facilitate the opening of the account and money transfers. At the beginning of each academic year, French banks put in place special offers for students (reduced rates, adapted packages, etc.). Feel free to compare offers from different banks to find the best deal for your needs.

You will need to provide:

  • A valid ID (passport or ID card if you are a national of an EU country);
  • Proof of residence in your name that is less than 3 months old (electricity bill, telephone bill, rent receipt, accommodation certificate, etc.). Please note that if you are staying with someone, this person must provide you with proof of residence in their name, a copy of their identity document and an accommodation declaration;
  • Proof of registration at your university (registration certificate or student card).

Please note: the charges for international transfers and cash withdrawals abroad can vary significantly from one institution to another. In France, Visa cards and Mastercards are widely accepted in most shops.

How much money do you need per month?

The cost of living in Bordeaux is quite high. It is recommended to have a budget of about 750€ per month, so that you can meet your needs in terms of accommodation, food, health, transport and leisure.

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