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Banks and money transfers

Why do you need a bank account ? 

You must have a bank account to be able to obtain housing aid, your grants, your wages, or to buy tax stamps online. 

Opening an account is generally free, but some services may be chargeable. Once your account is open, you can get a Bank Identity Statements (RIB). They allow you to: 

  • Provide your bank details; 
  • Pay your rent; 
  • Your invoices; 
  • Issue and/or receive bank transfers. 

The main bank card (Visa or Mastercard) are accepted in most shops in France. There are ATMs everywhere, on the campus you have one, next to the university , restaurant Sirtaki.

In France, checks are used less and less often, and those coming from foreign banks are rarely accepted by merchants. 

How do I open an account ? 

Choose a bank and make an appointment, it may be useful to ask your usual bank in your country of residence if it is associated with a French network, which can facilitate the opening of the account and money transfers (sometimes even before your arrival in France) 

For the meeting at the bank, you must bring: 
  • An identity document (usually your passport) 
  • The residence permit or visa 
  • Proof of address in you name dating from less than 3 months (electricity, phone bill, rent receipt, accommodation certificate, etc.) Please note that if you are staying with someone, this person must provide you with proof of address in his name, his identity document as well as a declaration of accommodation. 
  • Your student card or school certificate. 

Once your bank account statement in your possession, you can receive money by bank transfer, but it takes approximately 7 days after opening your account to receive your bank card.