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Exchange programmes

To apply for accommodation in university residences, consult the site of the regional centres for student services, the CROUS. Applications must be made online between january and may each year.


Applying for accommodation by no means guarantees the automatic provision of a place in a university residence. There is simply not enough accommodation for everybody!

Find out more about how to find an accomodation in Bordeaux.

If you have received accommodation via the CROUS, you will have received notification of your lodgings, sent via the International Relations office. Without exception, this document must be presented to the administration of your university “village” in order to obtain the key to your room! Contact the Study Abroad team, known as the “Pôle Mobilité”, for any further information on accommodation procedures. 

Please note: the CROUS does not allow the university to offer rooms other than those in the residences listed below.

Type of Accommodation


Traditional bedrooms

Village 6

Bedroom with WC and Bathroom

Village 1, 3 and Village 5 (newly renovated)

T1 (studio) or T5 (5 rooms)

Subject to agreement by the CROUS

Types of Accommodation

  • If you have obtained accommodation in a university residence via the CROUS, please respect the communal code of conduct.
  • If you are in rented accommodation and/or a flat share, be sure to request a contract for the rental period as well as an inventory of fixtures at entry and departure, signed by both parties (i.e. owner and tenant).

Rent and deposit

  • You may be eligible for financial assistance for housing from the French government, via the CAF agencies.
  • You can request financial aid from the regional council in Aquitaine, the Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine, to hep with the mandatory rental deposit.

Be careful to respect the rules regarding payment of your rent.

Remember to inform the International Relations office of any change to your address.



The Bordeaux centre for student services, the CROUS:
CROUS de Bordeaux
18 rue du Hamel - CS 11616
33080 Bordeaux cedex
Tel: +33 5 56 33 92 17 (vie-etudiante @
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm

Accommodation for disabled students

If you are affected by a disability and you wish to request accessible accommodation from the CROUS, you must send the accessible accommodation request form.

This procedure is for those students who fall under the procedure for welfare and housing assistance for students, known as the Dossier Social Étudiant (DSE), or who are hosted as international students.

For further information, please see the Disability page.


Classified ads for private accommodation

The CROUS also has a large choice of accommodation offered by private individuals throughout the academic year. This advertisement service is free of charge for students, and free of charge for property owners for the first two adverts. Property advertisements cover the following areas:

  • Bordeaux, Talence, Pessac, Gradignan, and the surrounding communes of Bordeaux; 
  • Pau, Bayonne/Anglet, Périgueux and Agen.

Please see the central portal for the co-ordination of student accommodation,, for information about enrolment and how to consult accommodation offers.