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Your arrival

You will find all the information you need for your stay in our international student guide.

Attend the Welcome Day meeting

Attendance at the Welcome Day meeting is mandatory as important information will be shared. One will be scheduled at the start of each semester (one in September and another in January). In this meeting, the Mobility Office staff will welcome you and:

  • Give you your administrative registration file;
  • Provide information about the next procedures

If you were selected for a CROUS accommodation, you will receive a housing notification. This document must be presented without fail to the CROUS secretary to get the key to your room in the university village where you will live. For more information on the procedures relating to accommodation, contact the Mobility Office.

Please be aware that applying to university housing with the CROUS does not automatically guarantee that you will be allocated a place.

Due to its quality of life, Bordeaux is a very attractive city and students might have trouble finding an accommodation. We strongly recommend to find an accommodation independently before their arrival in Bordeaux. Different types of housing are available and we suggest to visit this platform:

You can also refer to our accommodation guide to find out more information on other housing options in Bordeaux.

Integration / Buddy System

All along the academic year, the International Relations Department organizes integration events in collaboration with student associations.

The International Welcome Desk also offers a buddy platform where you can benefit from the tips and help of students from Bordeaux Montaigne University. This platform is called TANDEM, you can find more information on the Buddy System page or directly register on the online platform

The ERASMUS STUDENT NETWORK (ESN) provides mentoring and cultural activities and events for international students, thus creating opportunities for interaction.

Contact: esnbordeaux @ / Facebook: ESN Bordeaux

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