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File an application

Before filing an application,
  • By clicking on the following link, please make sure an existing partnership is available (Erasmus+ and agreements);
  • Get the authorization of your supervising teacher and get selected by your institution for the program;
  • Allocate a budget for the stay;
  • A B2/C1 level in French is highly recommended in order to attend classes.
Your application is accepted by the university,

The Mobility office will get in touch with you after your university nominated you (around May for the students coming in September through Erasmus+, around November for the students coming in January through Erasmus+).

To know the important dates preceding and during your trip, consult the procedure calendar.

Procedure for application online: fill in the form in French or in English.

The acceptance letter from Bordeaux Montaigne University will be addressed to you either:

  • By e-mail, for students registered in the Erasmus + Program;
  • For the University Partners outside Europe, the acceptance letter can be sent by regular mail upon request.

Procedure for a Visa application for non-European students:

Your coming to France is under requirement of the procurement of a Visa delivered after validation of your French language level during the Campusfrance/CEF procedure, unless otherwise specified.

Your Visa application will be given to a French Consulate/Embassy in your country of origin. Don’t forget to join the acceptance letter as well as the accommodation notification which will be sent to you by the CROUS, or any document certifying the official booking of an accommodation (copy of a rental contract at a private individual or at a rental company).

You will have to check and follow the OFII procedure, in order to get a long-stay visa (click here for an explanation, and here to apply).

1. File an application
2. Organize your stay
3. Your Arrival
4. Student life and culture