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Student life and culture


All university buildings have disabled access. The same is true for all sanitary facilities.

The Mobibus service is dedicated to people with disabilities, particularly mobility handicaps and impaired vision. It is possible to apply for membership.

The mission of the Disability Services (Pôle Handicap) at Bordeaux Montaigne University is to welcome and support disabled students throughout their studies. The team's work revolves around three key actions: working with go-to people in secondary education to prepare the arrival of disabled students at the university; welcoming and supporting disabled students throughout their university career; and helping disabled students to prepare for their professional insertion.

Location : ground floor of Bâtiment Accueil

Health (Preventive Medicine)

The Bordeaux Student Health Centre is in charge of giving the following health services:

  • Medical consultations with appointments: general medicine, gynecology, acupuncture, dermatology, nutrition-endocrinology, sports medicine.
  • Appointment with a social worker.
  • Medical examinations for disability situations.
  • Appointment with a psychiatric nurse or with a psychologist.
  • Workshops and relaxation sessions, stress management, speaking and writing groups.

Location: 22, Avenue Pey Berland, Pessac.


Here on campus, there is an infirmary service where you can go in case of emergency or first aid help. It is also the place where you can go for any medical questions.

Location: bâtiment L – Rooms  009 and 011 (ground floor)

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 08:30-16:30
Wednesdays: 08:30-12:00
Fridays: 08:30-15:30

Student associations

The university hosts many student associations, organizing activities for their members ranging from culture to sport, in association with their academic studies or encouraging community involvement. Student unions and federations are also part of this rich panorama; bearing eloquent witness to just how committed our students are to playing their role both in life at the University and within the wider community. The university provides financial support for student initiatives and each year a number of creative and innovative projects come into being. More about the associations in the following website:


Buddy System / Tutoring

The International Relations Office organizes a buddy system to tutor international students. This tutorship is settled with the help of several associations who also offer different activities.

The English Club Bordeaux Montaigne, not only offering activities centered on the English-Speaking World (think-tanks, theater plays and movies), puts into contact international students and local Bordeaux Montaigne University students. Thanks to this tutorship, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the Bordeaux Life by adapting to this new experience and getting to know local students.

Contact us: / Facebook: English Club Bordeaux Montaigne

The ERASMUS STUDENT NETWORK (ESN) is an association providing both mentoring and cultural outings for international students, thus creating enjoyable encounters by offering a wide range of activities.  

Contact: esnbordeaux @ / Facebook: ESN Bordeaux

For more information, you can refer to the welcome guide for international students.

Solidarity and sustainable development

The Etu'Récup association is contributing to reducing waste, raising awareness about alternative consumption models and helping students get equipped at a lower cost. To achieve that, they organize a lot of workshops with the principles of “Do It Yourself” and “Do It Together” (such as wood, bicycle or textile workshops); they also have a shop where you can buy furniture, electrical appliances or cutlery, for example.

Localisation: arrêt Doyen Brus tram B l'Avenue des Facultés

For more information, please check the Etu'Recup website:


The department for sports and physical activities, known as the DAPS, offers students and staff a choice of 55 sporting, physical and creative activities. International students participating in an exchange program have free access to the activities of DAPS. However, international students registered by themselves or free movers are subject to the CVEC which includes the contribution, therefore giving them access.


Student jobs

While you are studying here, you can take a part time job to have a little extra money for your expenses. Here are some webpages, where you can find job offers for students:


Cultural Activities

One of the benefits of being a student is that you get a lot of discounts on campus, but also in the city center, just by showing your student card. Thanks to our partners in the metropole, you will get the chance to attend events and shows, and get access to discounted price…

Students under 26 who reside in and near Bordeaux can get the city's “Carte Jeune”. This card will get you discounts in sports events, museums, cinemas, festivals and much more.

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