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EuGen Project

Bordeaux Montaigne University is part of a consortium of Higher Learning Institutions under the Erasmus+ Program to award internship grants as part of European Finance plans. The consortium is coordinated in France by the University of Lille along with other European universities.  


The objectives of this joint effort at the European scale, are:

  • To increase student employability
  • To maximize work opportunities in the field of Europeans funds
  • To strengthen cross-border synergies between members of the EU4EU network

The internships will be interdisciplinary and will recruit students of different fields:

  • international policy, law, European affairs
  • languages and communication
  • economy and marketing
  • communication
  • computer science

All useful skills for the implementation of international projects are valued  

The project offers:

  • For students: Erasmus+ grants for internships abroad (access to OLS included), access to the hosting institutions’ platforms, online material on the development of EU projects, a help-desk during the application and mobility procedures, as well as access to the EU4EU network: interns, internship organisms and universities taking part in the project.
  • For universities within the consortium: internship grants for the students to increase their chances of professional insertion and improve their skills in the creation and management of European projects.

The EU4EU Network

The EuGen - European Generation association is the intermediary organization as well as the international coordinator for/of the project.

Summary of the actions undertaken by the network to this day:

  • 535 internship grants awarded since 2015
  • 214 internship grants awarded in 2018-2019
  • 35 European universities participating
  • 460 internship organizations involved

The national coordinators share good practice, management processes, a common software to manage the applications as well as a database of internship sites.

The first student mobility activities funded by the EuGen project are expected to start in January 2020. 

EuGen - European Generation
International coordinator for the project: Giuseppe Dessi
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UBM coordination (cooperation-internationale @ u-bordeaux-montaigne)
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