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During your stay

Validate your visa

If you are a citizen from a country not exempted, you must validate your visa upon your arrival in France according to your visa’s mention:

  • Visa VLS-TS with a "passport talent" mention: your visa will have to be validated online  within 3 months following your arrival. In order to validate your visa, you have to pay a tax of 250 € and buy fiscal stamps. If you come with your spouse, he/she must undertake the same procedure.
  • Long-stay visa with a "passport talent" mention: you must request a multi-year residence permit to the prefecture of your place of residence upon your arrival and within two months of arriving in France.

Health Insurance

If you have lived in France for at least 3 months, you can apply for the PUMA’s coverage (Protection Universelle Maladie). You must fill out a form and send it to the CPAM of your place of residence. For more information, please go to this website.

The social security does not cover all health costs, you can take out a complementary health insurance (“mutuelle”) with a private insurance or at the insurance chosen by your employer (if applicable).

Open a bank account

If your stay is longer than 3 months, you will be able to open a French bank account upon presentation of the following documents:

  • An identity document (visa or passport)
  • A proof of address (rent receipts, phone or electricity bill etc.)
  • Other additional documents can be requested such as an employment contract, the scientific hosting agreement or a grant certificate

Depending on your needs, you will be able to open a current account and/or a savings account.

Language courses

Bordeaux-Montaigne University offers French as a Foreign Language courses for foreigners who want to improve their French or to prepare a diploma. Day or evening classes as well as summer internships are proposed by the DEFLE. For more information, consult DEFLE’s website.

Other institutions in Bordeaux also prepare for official diplomas in French as a Foreign Language, for more information visit FLE’s website.