Aquipass card - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Aquipass card

The universities in the region of Aquitaine provide their students with an “Aquipass” card.  This is a pass card that enables you to identify yourself on campus, at the administration of your faculty, in the university libraries etc. In the city centre, the card will enable to you benefit from student prices, for example at the cinema, for newspaper subscriptions and so on.

Multipurpose tool

The Aquipass card has been designed to avoid the multiplication of cards. With one sole card, you are able to:

  • enter examination rooms;
  • borrow in the university libraries, known as the BU;
  • photocopy and print;
  • pay electronically for your meals in the university restaurants, known as the RU.


Izly is the monetary system associated with the new generation of Aquipass cards.  Once you have loaded up your electronic wallet online, you can pay for:

  • your meals at CROUS facilities (university restaurants and cafeterias);
  • other services provided by the CROUS (photocopiers, vending machines, laundrettes etc.).

Everything you need to know about the Izly monetary system

Good to know
The Academic Services division will hand over your Aquipass at your administrative enrolment.  The student card is valid for use in university restaurants, libraries etc., for the duration of one academic year.  The Academic Services division will then update the card if you re-enrol for a subsequent year.