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Visiting Scholar

Every year, both Bordeaux Montaigne University and Idex Bordeaux host their “Visiting Scholar” program, where foreign university teachers and teacher researchers, from partner universities as well as non-partner universities are invited.  

  • 9 renowned teachers specialized in their fields are invited to participate in formations in the institution for a month
  • It is also possible to come via the Idex Bordeaux "Visting scholar" programme. More Info

Visiting Scholars have to give at least 16 hours of class or seminar during their stay. Those classes and seminars may be included in the concerned formations’ catalogues.

Please note that the upper age limit for Visiting Scholars is 67 years at the moment of the stay.

Program description

How to apply?

Your application must be presented by a Bordeaux Montaigne University teacher, your “referent colleague”.
The hosting agreement must necessarily come from the research laboratory (or research unit/team) and has to be signed by the laboratory’s director. 
Applications are submitted at the start of the academic year (between February and April) to take place the following year.

  • If you know a teacher from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, contact them directly to establish your application
  • If you don’t know anyone at Bordeaux Montaigne University, you can find an intermediary within the members of the research team of the university.

The “Referent colleague”, in collaboration with the International Relation Office and the Human Resources Office, is responsible for the Visiting Scholars’ file’s follow-up: 

  • They put forward the solicited invited teacher’s application,
  • They inform the applicant of the recruitment schedule as well as the decision taken,
  • They welcome the teacher at their arrival and accompany them in their scientific and academic activities.

Additional documents:

International Relation Office for Mobility activities
staff-mobility @ (staff-mobility @