Strategic Partnership - Media Practices for the Enlightenments
Erasmus +

Bordeaux Montaigne University takes part in the European project MPA (Media practices for the Enlightenment), whose objective is the improvement of student’s analytical skills linked with new technologies, as well as creating common teaching modules which may be shared at the end of the project through digital learning platforms. 

In partnership with the coordinator of the project: Potsdam University (Germany), as well as Riga’s (Latvia) and Tartu’s (Estonia) Universities.

The seminars and workshops will allow the students to complete their cursus and internships with non-academic partners in order to foster their future integration to the job market.  

The partnership also aims at strengthening the German-studies-department-network (réseau des départements d’études germaniques) across Europe and put in place new didactic and scientific initiatives.

Among the Projects implemented as part of the strategic partnership, there are: