SAGCOT Research Project - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

SAGCOT Research Project (France -Tanzania)
Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania

Tanzanian agriculture

Bordeaux Montaigne University is part of a partnership funded by the French Embassy in Tanzania under the FSPI project  « France’s attractivity, Research and Innovation in the East-African Community (Africae) » fostering french-tanzanian cooperation in higher learning and research on the cross-disciplinary field of sustainable agriculture and climate change. It offers the opportunity to focus on sustainable farming, to the rural world as well as to the models of development resulting from it.

Strengthening of the french-tanzanian cooperation

The research project is relative to the corridor of SAGCOT Development (Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania) and is a joint partnership with the Dar Es Salam University.   

The partnership is more specifically between the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Dar es Salaam, the LAM Laboratory (Les Afriques dans le Monde – Africas in the world) related to Bordeaux Montaigne University and the IFRA Nairobi.

The objective of these research is to analyze the access to resources (water, property, information, market, etc.), to analyze how the agricultural development model through infrastructure and other agricultural models, in particular with agro-ecology combine (in speeches, in public policy and the practices of producers), to measure the socioeconomic impacts of the Growth Corridor, to evaluate the local economic opportunities linked to investments.  

In order to complete this project, the parties concerned envision the following:  

  • Hosting a teacher-researcher in the LAM Laboratory
  • Host a student group from Dar Es Salaam University in UBM to study a semester there in 2020
  • Organize training seminars on research and development through research in the fourth trimester of 2019
  • Publicize articles in a scientific journal.

The project thus participates to the strengthening of the scientific french-tanzanian cooperation.