Undergraduate Licence: Information and Communication Studies - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Undergraduate Licence: Information and Communication Studies



The aims of this programme are:

  • To enable students to identify and understand the main characteristics of individual and institutional actors in the field of information and communications, as well as current professional practices, different communication media, cultural industries and mediation processes. The wider aim is to situate information and communication systems within their political, economic, and social contexts.
  • To guide students as they learn about a combination of tools: the methods and techniques which are adapted to the analysis of information and communication systems, their various uses, and audience reception.

Via the selection of major/minor course units, this programme also enables students who are entering the first year of undergraduate study (Licence 1) to access units from the undergraduate Licence in Information and Communication Studies, or the undergraduate Licence in Geography and Planning. As such, it is possible for students to redirect the course of their studies towards one of these two programmes (subject to approval from the teaching boards of the disciplines concerned).

In the course of this undergraduate Licence in Information and Communication Studies, students consolidate their general culture, their taste for current affairs, and their interpersonal and editorial skills. Over the three years of study, the proposed programme allows students to progressively absorb the theories of information and communications, and offers an introduction to a range of techniques: practical handling of images and multimedia, conducting documentary research, handling of graphics and infographics, practicing investigative techniques, managing projects, and learning a specialised modern language.

The programme also provides insight into the fundamental basics of other disciplines which could be considered as complementary to the Information and Communication Sciences (ICS), and which, moreover, are useful in the implementation of this latter discipline. These include an introduction to sociology, law, economics, philosophy, and even linguistics.

The teaching methods on this undergraduate Licence make extensive use of the student online working platform (ENTE), with access to online resources and phases of study via distance learning. 



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