Laboratory Researcher - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Laboratory Researcher

Confirmed or beginner researcher, our research team are eager to welcome you in our laboratories, after verification of the scientific compatibility of your projects with the research center’s orientations. 

Hosting procedure for a foreign teacher or teacher-researcher

Contact between the researcher and the Research Center laboratory

  • At least a year before leaving, the researcher contacts the laboratory or the research center he is interested in and determines who will be his interlocutor during the setting up of the project.
  • The work content for the duration of the stay in the scientific team will be negotiated between the researcher and the laboratory team.
  • Objectives of the Welcome Center for international Researchers

The Welcome Center for International Researchers – Bordeaux offers an individual and particular assistance to international teachers and teacher-researchers. It offers its support concerning accommodation, Social Security, Insurance, Bank, registration of your children in daycare and schools, French classes… Feel free to ask for more information after you receive your file.

Contact: staff-mobility @