Bank account & liability insurance - Bordeaux Montaigne University v1.2

Bank account opening and civil liabilty insurance

- In France, it is possible to open a bank account if the students stay for more than 3 months, but, in practice, bank branches prefer to open accounts for stays of a minimum of 6 months. To open an account the banks may ask for several documents, such as, the copy of the passport (or national ID), a visa, proof of residency in France, proof of financial resources and Student ID card.

- You have to get the civil liability insurance (in French responsabilité civile), if you do not get it before you arrive, you can get it here for 15-20 euros per year. It is a compulsory insurance policy that guarantees the repair of damages that you may cause to a third person, animal, or possessions for which you are legally responsible during your stay in France.