MA in English studies - Université Bordeaux Montaigne

MA in English studies by distance learning

A second year course 

The distance-learning program  has specifically been designed for MA students in their second and final year. It is therefore open to students who have already followed and obtained credits within a relevant discipline for a year’s course at an MA level, either in France or abroad. The applicants’ disciplinary background can include: Literatures of the English-speaking world, and/or Area studies or social sciences applied to the English-speaking world, and/or Linguistics.

This second-year course leads on to the delivery of a fully-fledged diploma, a Master’s Degree in English studies.

The course is conceived and takes place wholly in English, and students are expected to use English as their sole working language, be it for written assignments or when communicating with their peers and members of the teaching staff.

Two first-year online seminars will be made available without a specific registration fee. They can be chosen freely among the several seminars open to first-year student.


The contents of the course include (1) three seminars delivered during the fall or “first semester“(from October to December); and (2) a 100-page dissertation to be completed and submitted for a viva planned for June 30th at the latest.


Students are required to follow three seminars, all by distance learning. These will be chosen from a list of four. Each seminar includes a reading list, formal teaching, as well as recommendations and exercises that are supplied on a weekly basis. Each seminar provides regular (i.e. 2 hour weekly) forums, where the students communicate online with each other and with the teacher, both to ask and answer questions.  Collaborative work or wikis are also welcome.

Student assessment consists either in individual written assignments, or else a viva organized in Bordeaux, which takes place either in January or June.


Aside from the seminars, the other component of the second year is the dissertation. The student is expected to have picked and put to the teaching staff his working topic as early in the university year as possible. One member of staff will supervise the student’s research process and offer individual guidance on a regular basis, by e-mail or Skype.  The dissertation must be 100 pages long and wholly in English; it can bear on literature or area studies/social sciences applied to the English speaking world, or on linguistics. The student is allowed to proceed with defending his dissertation only once the supervisor is satisfied with the outcome. The defense takes place in Bordeaux, usually in June, and imperatively before June 30th. The examination board is made up of two members of the teaching staff.

Although the second semester is solely devoted to writing the dissertation, as there are no seminars during that time, it is expected the student begin work on his/her research dissertation well before, preferably as soon as October.


Registration process and fees

All students must be registered with the University. Distant learnig entails additional fees, dependent on the student's situation: a complete listing can be found here. The registration process can be accomplished online, following the steps indicated on this page. Students who do not hold a French diploma shoudl first apply for pre-admission, using this page.

We would warmly welcome you to apply for this course. We will happily share our fields of research  with you  and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enquiries on the Distance learning program must be addressed to Pr Pascale Antolin (Pascale.Antolin @